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You are invited to experience the excellent care provided at Calming Goat Addiction Medicine Group in Los Angeles, CA. Our doctors are fantastic at diagnosing and treating your medical needs. For more information feel free to call us or request an appointment online.

Health Care Services Near Me in Los Angeles, CA
Health Care Services Near Me in Los Angeles, CA

Many people do not fully realize the impact that addiction has on physical health, which can negatively impede on several different aspects of life. Although there are common physical ailments caused by substance use, such as respiratory illnesses associated with tobacco use or oral degradation associated with smoking meth or crack, there are an untold amount of other effects that substance use has on the body. Everything that enters the body has an effect on our overall health, which is why it is imperative to seek the health of a qualified professional when on the path to recovery.

What medical services are offered at Calming Goat?

At Calming Goat, our multi-specialty doctors can also screen and manage medical problems that can occur or are exacerbated by drug use. These evaluations begin with screening labs for both blood and urine tests to assess general health. These labs, if abnormal, can drive other care and evaluations that are a part of an individual’s medical treatment plan. We also perform urine drug screening routinely and randomly to insure optimal results. Our full-service office can give injectables and perform medical procedures if necessary.

What are blood and urine evaluations?

Blood and urine evaluations, also referred to as toxicology tests, drug tests or “tox screens,” look for traces of drugs in a person’s blood or urine. There are also evaluations that test hair, sweat, or saliva samples. These tests may be needed because of a workplace or school policy, and are also often used in the treatment of addiction. In addiction treatments, addiction medicine physicians may order a toxicology test to help patients get treatment for substance abuse or to keep their recovery on track. Blood and urine evaluations are specifically designed to detect the presence of drugs or alcohol in a person’s body—even if they are only present in minute amounts. These evaluations show incontrovertible evidence of a person’s recent drug or alcohol use and are used in many addiction treatment programs to determine the progress and success rate of the recovery process.

Why would someone need a lab evaluation?

Lab evaluations are needed for many reasons, from managing chronic medical conditions to monitoring addiction recovery processes. These specialized evaluations are designed to clinically measure if a person has an addiction, and also to keep track of an individual’s progress. The interpretation of lab evaluations can be highly affected by patient-specific factors, such as metabolism, age, weight, genetics and time since last use. To interpret possible false-positives or negatives, a thorough and accurate patient history is necessary prior to drug screening. To ensure safe use, certain medications require baseline medical laboratory testing which should be conducted and followed.

Does Calming Goat Addiction Medicine Group offer on-site lab work?

Yes, we do! Calming Goat Addiction Medicine Group is a fully functional addiction treatment center, staffed with board-certified addiction medicine physicians and equipped with on-site laboratory services. We believe in providing a complete picture of care for patients that are recovering from an addiction, and act as a ‘one-stop clinic’ to address the diverse needs required for addiction management. At Calming Goat Addiction Medicine Group, our board-certified addiction medicine doctors are dedicated to helping you on the road to recovery so you can live a more fulfilling quality of life. We understand that substance use disorders can have several different negative effects on the body, mind and soul, which is why we provide a wide range of medical services on-site. Call us today to book an appointment for our medical services, or simply visit our clinic conveniently located at 6801 Park Terrace #530b, Los Angeles, CA 90045. We look forward to serving you!