Addiction Specialist

Michael Shwayder, MD

Dr. Michael Shwayder graduated from Harvard University with honors. He then went on to conquer in medicine. He is board certified in Nephrology. “There’s no medical issue too big for the doctor with the little black bag”.   He has been involved in addiction treatment since 1981. Dr. Shwayder’s attentiveness makes him perfect for Calming Goat’s mission to provide quality care for our patients.

We think his obsession with bowties rocks.


The treatment team at Calming Goat is made up of licensed, board-certified professionals who are experts in their field. Our team is made up of the best of the best, from Harvard graduates to top-tier nephrologists. All Calming Goat staff members have MD credentials and a friendly, patient-first approach that informs their evidence-based treatment. With years of experience in the field of addiction medicine, the Calming Goat team is ready to help you to break free of drugs and alcohol.

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Our addiction medicine group is an official essential healthcare business and will be open regular business hours during any shelter in place order while following the CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19.